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My vizitors

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Своими руками


My acquaintance with beads was held in my childhood. My grandmother lived in Klin, a small town near from factory, which produced beads.

Already then, much later, when for me beadworks, played the main role in my life, and I linked whole of my life with beadworks.

And all began with small devise (wood table with attached on edges by small-sized pinks). How much was of excruciating at mining disassembly of the different descriptions of this engineering! Only in 2 years I could weave not only stripes, but also curvilinear figures, began to feel the size and form(shape) of beads, began to be disassemble as threads.

Having run in the elementary engineering of beadwork, stringing there was an idea to weave a beadwork… But it has appeared (by business) far not prime! Absolutely diverse machine tool, engineering of image processing, more careful approach to selection(sampling) beads was necessary. It was necessary to create brand new a workstation.

Only in 1994 it was possible to weave the maiden cloth of the round form(shape) a dia 60 cm, using 12 colors of beads. It was the maiden victory!


My first work.


This activity is executed(made) on a picture of Claude Monet "Sunflowers".
9 colours, 36x39 cm

"The arms of Russia".
15 colours, 54х70 cm


"Sunset" (the writer of the scene is obscure)
8 colours, 39x25 cm

"Loneliness" (the writer of the scene is obscure)
10 colours, 54х33 cm


"May" (the writer of the scene is obscure)
5 colours, 31х105 cm


"Pinks and clematis in a crystal vase" (Mone)
20 colours, 53х91 cm


"Melancholy" (the writer of the scene is obscure)
6 colours, 31х36 cm

"Winter, Pavlovsk" (Konashcevitch)
12 colours, 20х37 cm

"On the Kama next to Elabuga" (I.Shishkin)
8 colours, 33х65 cm

"Pine" (Sinjak)
22 colours, 70х48 cm

"Grove" (Kuindji)
11 colours, 51х26 cm


(the writer of the scene is obscure)
22 colours, 68х27 cm

It is my portrait (the initial image).

And it - already a picture. COMPARE!

9 colors, 68х38 cm

7 colors, 30х20 cm


Now I prepare for new work on picture Mane "Lilac".
I shall not open all plans, but you are waited with a surprise.
13 colors, 42х57 cm


This is my attempt to execute picture
in technologies "White on white".
Only white differently transparency
beads was used!

It is the same picture, but
at another illumination.

7 shades of white


"Winter's day"
11 colors, 39х33 cm

2008 - 2010

26 colors, 69х49 cm

THE LARGE REQUEST - if you know the writers of pictures and scenes, on which one my activities were woven, inform me on them …

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