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The ornaments made beads are known already in an antiquity for the miscellaneous peoples. In Egypt, Greece, Byzantium, Venice … For ancient Aztecs and maua the clothes (clothing) were decorated beadworks . In Ancient Russia were delivered from abroad, and they were widely used for an ornament of clothes (clothing) and subjects of the household.
  In 1792 a M.T. Lomonosov were from the sanction of the Senate has opened the workshop on manufacturing beads, and this kind (view) of needlework was spread widely in Povoljie, Zacarpatie, North and Central Asia.
  Manufacturing of items from beads was transmitted from generation to generation.
  Stringing is saved in national bead art without the special changes in throughout all the XIX and beginning XX of century. But in the urban the change in engineering of activity is watched: the threads are interlaced not inside beads, and for their foramens, therefore all beads place in one direction.
  For so-called "woven" bands the framework with the bridge stretched threads was used. Thread with stringing of beads was superimposed from a wrong side on a thread of a fundamentals so, that between them one bead was placed; then this work a thread, already without beads, went backwards, went through each bead and bending threads of fundamentals out of door. Beads thus lay down with stringent numbers (series), lateral bead party to the spectator.
  This way of stringing gave a transparent grid, established (mounted) on pipe setbacks and covering, at stringing of chains and so on.
  The modern ways of stringing beads are carefully saved traditions of the aged masters supplemented by new methods (a technologies), stuffs and combinations of colors.


Engineering beadworks

The engineering of bead weaving is accounted in many books. Therefore I would not recur... I'll mention a few features I consider important.
At first, loom. Frequently loom is represented as a small plank with edges filled with thresholds and nails. This loom is incovenient for work, even for narrow strips weaving. The best one is a loom of a frame (chassis) form. This loom provides easy access to the linen from both sides that is very important for beginners. These looms of a small size made from a wood are represented in All-Russian Exhibition Centre. Professional looms of "Mirrix", produced for a carpets weaving are suitable for bead weaving. But its price is high for Russia, and I did not see these looms in our country.


If You want to make a loom yourself, it's better to use a wood. Instead of tacks use a copper wire of approached diameter plated with an enamel (transformer). Bore holes in the thresholds with a thin borer under angle that the threads don't slip off. Then block short cuttings of a wire into holes. After mounting nails, trim them with the forceps for one size.
I have looms for the work with different size (width and length).
Secondly, the threads. Threads should be proof, thin and inextensible. Therefore it is necessary to test threads when purchase. Don't wax threads. Draw on the loom the united thread but not separated. It's clear for everyone who draws on for a big linen itself.
Thirdly, the beads. Offensively, if article fades after a while. Don't buy cheap Turkish bead. Only stained glass. Czech bead is the most approached under the attitude price-quality.
In my work I use only one size of a bead - number 9. If You want the picture transmit the image precisely, then bead should be little. As a needle with a thread should pass through a bead two times - bead should have a big hole. Number 9 - is optimum!
Trivialities: I use children's apparatus for a poker- work to anneal knot's ends in weaving. I also anneal ends of longitudinal threads after closing - up. Fasten longitudinal threads after close- up.



You'll never learn to weave, to string, to knit, to embroider - till you'll start do it yourself.

Wish you success!!!

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